Jason’s Christening

Jason’s Christening

Our thematic concept “Carvedlean Elephant” was adapted to the colors and designs of the baptism invitation.

Beautiful mom Stella commissioned us to decorate a fanciful candy bar for the christening of little Jason, a smiling doll with gorgeous blue eyes, held in the lovely garden of the church St. George Papagou.

The decoration included:

  • Tablecloths in pastel-earth colors (light blue-green verandas-sand color)
  • Discs, glasses, dirpo stands decorated with blue-green and ribbon ribbons
  • Flag-tagged garlands with the name of the neo-bloom and the baptismal graphics placed above the candy stand
  • Pugs with hearts placed on the table
    Sweet labels with baptismal graphics
  • Stickers with the baptismal graphics that decorated the glass of sweets
    Picture frame with the name of the neo-baptist and the chapters of baptism
  • Double base for cones with blue-ribbon ribbons and stickers
  • Blue cones with white feathers to place the sweets
  • Scales with blue-green ribbons
  • Textile inscription “Oh Happy Day” with the name of the neo-baptism we made with our hands and put it in a cap
  • Wooden “Carduleni Elephantaki” made by our hands with the technique of scrapbooking and the colors / designs of the christening graphics
  • Napkins with decorative hearts

The sweets we offered were all homemade, from pure and fresh materials, made with taste, detail and adapted to the concept of the event, the “Carvedlean Elephant”. The candy bar included:

  • Vanilla-chocolate Cupcakes with a drawing of “Carvedlean Elephant” and the monogram of the newly-lighted “I”
  • Vanilla biscuits with “Carluleni Elephantaki” drawing and the monogram of the “I”
  • Marshmallows blue-white
  • Smarties colorful
  • Crispies colorful
  • Macarons filled with frothy cream
  • Macarons filled with chocolate / praline
  • Brides in a light blue color