Team Building for the Pharmaceutical Company, GENESIS PHARMA

Team Building for the Pharmaceutical Company, GENESIS PHARMA

Project Description

Venue: Istioploikos Nautikos Omilos, Piraeus Greece
The Project: Concept, Design and Implementation of a kick off Team Building event, for 32 employees from Sales and Communication department of Genesis Pharma, in Athens.
The Need: Creation of a fun Team Building activity that will help to improve communication, collaboration & encourage the employees to set some goals and achieve them.
The Concept: “Yachting Match Race”
The Idea: Genesis Pharma employees’ took part in the Sailing team racing organized to promote the importance of team bonding. The teams (of 3-4 persons each) were consisted of 8 boats that compete together in more than 4 team races, with their results being combined at the end.
The Implementation: Less than 1 week
The Results: A fun and positive energy 4-hour Sailing Match Race that team building that improved the relationship and communication between the employees of the company, promoted the importance of team spirit and achievement of objectives.

Project Details
  • Client – Genesis Pharma
  • Date – 08/10/2013
  • Tags – Team Building, Sail, Pharmaceutical company
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