Team Building for the Automotive Company MOTODYNAMICS (Porsche-Yamaha)

Team Building for the Automotive Company MOTODYNAMICS (Porsche-Yamaha)

Project Description

Venue: Metamorfosis, Athens-Greece
The Project: Concept, Design and Implementation of a Team Building event in Athens, for 85 employees from senior level positions, as well as HR, Sales, Marketing & Communication, Engineering departments (from Yamaha and Porsche).
The Need: Creation of a fun Team Building activity that will help to improve communication, collaboration & encourage the employees to set some goals and achieve them
The Concept: “Creating a future ecologic vehicle in the Santa Claus’ Factory”
The Idea: The employees were divided into 8 teams of 10-11 persons each. The surroundings were inspired by the Santa Claus’ Factory and each team was given a different name to represent the Santa Claus’ helpers (elves). Teams were asked to create an ecologic “friendly” to the environment vehicle (8 in total). During the team building, each team was divided into different roles (decorating, advertising, construction, designing) and was given the appropriate accessories/tools to finalize the vehicle’s structure. The teams competed at the end and the winner team was the one to arrive to the pit stop earlier than the others, which received a trophy.
The Implementation: 1 week
The Results: A fun and positive energy 4-hour team building that improved the relationship between the employees of the company, promoted the importance of team spirit, environmental consciousness, imagination, communication skills, time management and made them feel kids again! This was the first event between the employees of these 2 brands.

Project Details
  • Client – MOTODYNAMICS (Porsche-Yamaha)
  • Date – 16/03/2014
  • Tags – Team Building, cars
Creating a future ecologic vehicle in the Santa Claus’ Factory